Sail S2Maui Venom 2020
Sail S2Maui Venom 2020
Sail S2Maui Venom 2020
Sail S2Maui Venom 2020
Sail S2Maui Venom 2020
Sail S2Maui Venom 2020
Sail S2Maui Venom 2020

Sail S2Maui Venom 2020

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The S2Maui VENOM was born from the design experience of Artur Szpunar and Barry Spanier who have been creating winning sails for years and which have «motorized» many champions in the highest international and national competitions.

After an incredible 2018 in which the S2Maui rider Delphine Cousin won 4 consecutive events with the VENOM becoming PWA Slalom World Champion, her excellent performances, they continue this season too by winning 2 PWA Slalom events. Antoine Questel always with the VENOM achieved the best results of his career in 2019. National riders from all over the world also won the championships of Greece, France, Japan, Holland, Peru and Hawaii this year

"We are very happy with the success of our great team of international riders, but the development of S2Maui never stops"

The VENOM Race Sail program is particularly intense, benefitting from feedback from both our riders and customers, as well as feedback from our test team during the World Cup, Antoine Questel, Delphine Cousin Questel, Micah Buzianis, Mark Boersma, Casey Hauser and Gabriel Browne.

For 2020 S2Maui takes the VENOM to the next level in terms of performance and development


Experience, passion for performance, meticulous attention to design create a magical formula of radical acceleration, power and speed combined with incredibly light and smooth handling. VENOM combines ease and pleasure of use with lethal performance that can take you to the highest level of competition.



  • CAMBER ROTATION, WITHOUT HESITATION: The 2020 VENOM uses new low-friction, multi-roller cambers with a small footprint at high pressure. Together with the specially designed mast curve and the downward alternating side batten pockets, the rotation is smooth, complete and symmetrical.
  • EVEN FASTER WITH MORE POWER: locked-shaping in the bottom of the sail, leaner shape above the boom combined with the increased "Leeward Pre-Bend" make the profile extremely efficient and fast, while greater lift gives to the sail additional power and acceleration
  • LIFT REBALANCING: Close attention has been paid to airfoil shape and torsion flow on each size, to achieve the perfect balance of lift and downforce for optimum speed and efficiency
  • OPTIMIZATION OF SIZES AND OUTLINE: the dimensions of the sails and the proportions of the profile have been optimized to ensure consistency, maximum performance and perfect tension of the sail body on the recommended mast.
  • 7 BATTENS: super light in the hands, better pumping, easier rotation and more efficient twist while maintaining 100% stability and wind-range
  • SLALOM AND FOIL/SLALOM: designed the new and powerful size 9. 0 VENOM, designed to offer optimal speed and handling for both traditional light wind slalom racing and the new PWA discipline, Foil/Slalom.
  • MORE ACCELERATION: Outline and Shaping optimized for powerful and direct forward acceleration without vibrations and jerks allowing you to accelerate radically
  • FLUIDITY, STABILITY AND BALANCE: the 2020 VENOM hurtles fluid and balanced, even on the most difficult and gusty race courses, allowing you to maintain a board set-up and body position optimal. This allows you to be more focused on speed


  • The lightest PWA champion slalom sail on the market
  • Optimized the layout of the panels/layout, expanded the use of «Spacelight performance film" in the lower part of the sail.
  • Increased the lightness, and lowered the elasticity thanks to the enlargement of Technora Spacelight TM "Bright Molten Red" and "Intense Metallic Blue" at the top of the clew. All this also produces an immediate response and a reactivity of the superior leech
  • Multiple full-length vertical front ferrules maintain profile and resist the stretch resulting from downhaul tension.
  • "Light Tip" upper battens designed for a customized fit, with specific fittings further reduce the weight of the sail in the most important areas and speed up the response of the leech.
  • Carbon/Composite tubes with differentiated flexibility are carefully adapted to each position of the slats.
  • New extra-strong extended protection of the upper part of the mast pocket
  • Protection against abrasion and wear of the two lower battens in the rigging areas during assembly of the boom
  • Extended protection of the lower part of the pocket.
  • Reinforced leading edge in the contact areas with the cambers
  • High strength Epoxy cue tip and low tolerance tip/tube joint for a smooth and regular curve, and superior durability
  • Camber body in high-strength Nylon 66 with embedded stainless steel pins.

 AVAILABLE FROM 10-01-2020


2020 S2Maui Venom with Micah Buzianis from S2Maui on Vimeo.




Immediate feeling

The S2 Maui sails are 20% lighter and 30% more resistant compared to the other sails on the market, advantage and difference for your windsurfing

Extreme lightness

For more radical maneuvers and reduce fatigue

Wide range of use

For sessions in unstable conditions without changing equipment

Greater resistance

Thanks to the use of innovative and precious materials

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