Our history

WE have always been devoted to the sea, maniacs of windsurfing, lovers of the art of quality and handcrafted products.

We like high performance and we love exceeding all expectations. For us Surfing is the only constant in a sea of ​​variables. We have been breathing windsurfing since we were young, letting ourselves be inspired and influenced in every part of our life.

our mission

We want to help riders have more fun by making the most of their time on the water.

Our passion and our love for the waves and the wind influences our work and our culture, always pushing the limits of our products and our brand forward.

our philosophy

We develop windsurf equipment for demanding riders. WE ARE supporters of those who have preparation, passion for the sea and windsurfing, of those who spend hours in the water surfing in any condition, understanding and knowing the products.

We are inspired by every outing on the sea, we have happy faces and relaxed minds after hours spent in the water surfing. We call it freedom, we do what makes us happy, alive and having fun.

Above all The best products

We are obsessed with performance and have obsessive attention to detail: a large part of our efforts are spent on research, development and testing of the collections.

We choose the best products, made by the best sailmakers, shapers and windsurf component manufacturers and we only work with brands that have extremely high know-how, quality standards and performance. We believe in quality, not quantity. LESS IS MORE.

We avoid being

We are not a boring and conglobated wrapper/copy-paste windsurfing shop where you can find dozens of brands that offer more or less the same product with super promotions.

We don't like being alienated and sedated by the big majors and their mediocre offerings. Let's avoid the usual "social networks, telesellers, spammers" of any product, who don't even know how to rig a sail. We are not the ones who buy followers on social networks.


WE ARE lovers of nature, the sea and all its creatures, so we try to respect it by minimizing our environmental impact, recycling all our packaging and completely eliminating the use of plastic. We protect the oceans and the waves we ride.