Sailing S2Maui Ninja 2021
Sailing S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021
Vela S2Maui Ninja 2021

Sailing S2Maui Ninja 2021

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The NINJA 2021 is the new and exciting sail dedicated to Freestyle and Foil-style by S2Maui! Excellent for modern freestyle-moves! Recognizing the very high level that freestyle is reaching, for 2021 we have a completely new sail, the NINJA! It has been designed with a full-x-ply construction robust but ultra-light. The large, widely spaced Optic-X-Ply panels maintain the crisp-feeling of monofilm, (necessary for freestyle) but with the durability of X-Ply.

Technora ™ Spacelight ™ on the whole foot-area, in the clew, in the leech and part of the upper panel, guarantee excellent resistance and incredible lightness. This new high-strength construction gives the NINJA the necessary robustness since modern freestyle is also in the waves. For 2021 the Dacron-Luff-Panel has been expanded, this allows more POP in maneuvering and Early-planning, New maximum Lift for maneuvers against the wind, increasing stability and expanding the wind-range. Rapid acceleration, lift, fast rotation, reactivity and control in maneuvers are the main features of the new NinJa always guaranteeing  super lightness and balance. The short boom offers easy ducking without losing speed by offering lightning-fast passages under sail. Optimized mast curve for better stability. Moderate higher-aspecto-ratio and narrower leech help to give a constant lift, and are perfectly suited for wind-foil oriented rigging

NEW FOR 2021: 

  • Vela completely in Optic-X_Ply and Technora ™ Spacelight ™
  • Use of two different versions of Technora ™  Spacelight ™
  • Increased width of Dacron mast-panel
  • Tree curve optimized
  • Lift increased
  • New measure 3.6
  • New anti-abrasion and ultra resistant Mast Pad
  • New anti-abrasion and ultra resistant pen protection

Bryan Metcalf-Perez: Whether it's 30 feet up and down the Gorge, or freestyle double-moves on the flat and in the waves, or simple foiling and fun in the light breezes of Polynesia French, I can always count on my Ninja to do exactly what I want

Artur Szpunar: We were excited to design a new wing dedicated to revolutionary Freestyle and Foil-Style. Based on rider demand we have also added a size 3.6, perfectly suited for freestyle in strong winds! The new construction entirely in Optic-X_Ply offers resistance to push to the limit while maintaining the uncompromising crisp-feeling required by freestylers



Immediate feeling

The S2 Maui sails are 20% lighter and 30% more resistant compared to the other sails on the market, advantage and difference for your windsurfing

Extreme lightness

For more radical maneuvers and reduce fatigue

Wide range of use

For sessions in unstable conditions without changing equipment

Greater resistance

Thanks to the use of innovative and precious materials

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