Sailing S2Maui Alchemy 2021
Vela S2Maui Alchemy 2021
Vela S2Maui Alchemy 2021
Vela S2Maui Alchemy 2021
Vela S2Maui Alchemy 2021
Vela S2Maui Alchemy 2021
Vela S2Maui Alchemy 2021
Vela S2Maui Alchemy 2021
Vela S2Maui Alchemy 2021

Sailing S2Maui Alchemy 2021

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The 2021 Alchemy is the incredibly smooth, stable and versatile 5 batten sail with a great top-end wind range. The Alchemy 2021 benefits from state-of-the-art state-of-the-art materials, using the new Carbon WX Spacelight ™ combined with Technora ™ Spacelight ™ ultralight and the WARP-PATH ™ panel layout and load system.

For 2021 Use of three different versions of Technora ™ Spacelight ™ each of which adapts perfectly to the structural requirements of the individual parts of the sail

Endowed with classic, smooth and neutral handling for wave-riding and extraordinary stability and power, the a Alchemy excels in all conditions of waves and wind and in bump-n-jump conditions. The incredible ability to go upwind quickly brings upwind and its perfect balance facilitates aerial maneuvers and propensity to jump. Covering and exceeding traditional "power wave" sailing capabilities, the Alchemy can be safely used in any condition, from bump-and-jump, to side-shore without any effort, thanks to the magical combination of exceptional control, stability, power and handling. Its excellent profile gives balance and stability whatever the conditions

NEW FOR 2021: 

  • NEW Carbon WX SpaceLight ™ 
  • Use of three different versions of Technora ™  Spacelight ™
  • Sail completely in Technora ™ Spacelight ™
  • New anti-abrasion and ultra resistant Mast Pad
  • New anti-abrasion and ultra resistant pen guard

Casey Hauser: I love the Alchemy ,I use it when it's windy and I want to jump or catch as many of waves possible. Top-end without limits, and although it has a more "locked" feel, it always remains light in the hand and easy to maneuver"

Artur Szpunar: Using the incredible Carbon WX Spacelight ™ with low stretch and high strength, and with a sophisticated configuration and orientation of the load panels WARP-PATH ™, has further increased the incredible stability and resistance in the foot-area, clew and lower leech areas. Super-light Technora ™ Spacelight in the upper body of the sail offers responsiveness and leech twist for an incredible feeling of lightness

S2Maui 2020 Wave Sail Line from S2Maui on Vimeo.




Immediate feeling

The S2 Maui sails are 20% lighter and 30% more resistant compared to the other sails on the market, advantage and difference for your windsurfing

Extreme lightness

For more radical maneuvers and reduce fatigue

Wide range of use

For sessions in unstable conditions without changing equipment

Greater resistance

Thanks to the use of innovative and precious materials

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