Hatropina Custom Board "U-TOPIA WAVE 91" Quad/Twin
Hatropina Custom Board "U-TOPIA WAVE 91" Quad/Twin

Hatropina Custom Board "U-TOPIA WAVE 91" Quad/Twin

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CONCEPT OF U-TOPIA: Third generation of "new school-wave compact" boards derived from the Massive Wave V2. U-Topia is the solution for all European "Real World" wave types and conditions. "Stubby & loose" board for a wave oriented towards jumps, tricks, sliding moves and snappy cut-backs. Great fun in European conditions with soft and slow waves. Planing, fast, allows quick turns on the waves. Particularly suitable for on-shore conditions, it offers great control in the chop. It absolutely does not disdain Cross-Off-Shore conditions. Extremely compact design, "super short" tail for fast responsiveness and tight turns. The board has a "carver-skate feeling", very free underfoot allowing effortless changes of direction and turns. New Shape optimized for working in a wide range, it is an all-round short board that works well in all conditions, and set-up (Quad-Twinzer)


New Shape completely redesigned in 3D and executed with millimeter precision thanks to the use of the latest generation CNC-Machine. We worked a lot on this model, obtaining an absolutely harmonious balanced and super compact board. We managed to taper the nose to have a non-bulky nose, which is not easy for ultra-compact boards.

Outline compact, parallel and relatively narrow offers great maneuverability. The parallel edges offer less drag and provide ample lift for early planing, pops, aerials and jumps. Poppa Short Diamond Tail, shortens the trailing edge and angle on the deep V, quickly clearing the board for tight turns and ultra-fast rail-to-rail. Rocker fast, and V for early planing, Given the compactness, the center of gravity is moved towards the stern, this allows for more grip in long waves and extra pull in tight curves. leaving the front part much free for high jumps even on small waves. Volume central and the flat stance area, inspired by wave surfing, give a lot of stability and ease of use despite the small size, this helps to overcome foams during the non planing and float-and-ride. Rails sharp in the stern area give traction and speed creating lift-and-release, while the bow edges are soft and full facilitating comfort and optimizing progressive maneuvers.

Thanks to these new modifications, U-Topia is even more manoeuvrable, quickly and vertically climbs the wave adapting easily to different angles of curve. The sensation is of having a board of smaller volumes and measures both under your feet and in the air.

Configuration QUAD // //

Quad-mode: offers more drive, grip, and control in the waves. The four fins work on the shape by keeping the nose low and the board attached to the water. At the same time, the shallower depth of the two rear fins makes it easier to set the bottom at high speeds, which means you can push hard when carving in fast side-shore or cross-offshore conditions.  

 TWIN configuration //

Twinzer-mode: the board is looser, the drag is lower and the power of the fins acts further back. This lifts the nose, the board reaches higher speed than the quad setup and has more agility and quicker reactions when cornering. The twin combination and fast V tail offer great ability to set both slashy and power-hook top turns.


  • Shape: Excellent compromise between radicality and ease of use, compact, loose, reactive, fast, wide range
  • Made in Italy quality: Use of precious, durable and ultra-light materials
  • Tailor made: individual approach, shape modifications based on the rider's needs
  • Weight: 25% less than standard boards
  • Technology: Great resistance, rigidity, durability
  • 3D Design, CNC Shaping


  • Bottom: Mono concave in V, d Vee aft
  • Edges: Progressive, more volume in the front and central area and less volume in the back area
  • Rocker: #02 Fast-W (Fast-Med) Mix between maneuverability, speed and planing
  • Configuration: Quad/Twinzer
  • Front side fins with asymmetrical angle (Toe in 1,5°)
  • Stern: Diamond

QUAD/TWIN Custom U-TOPIA 91lt:

  • Length: 213
  • Width: 59. 5
  • Weight 5. 80
  • OFO: 39. 5
  • Sails range: 4. 5 - 5. 3
  • Recommended K4 Fins: 2x8 SharkII + 2x15 Leon -  MFC: QS RTM 300/350
  • Fin box: Chinook 13 slot box
  • Mast box: Short Chinook Mast box 8"
  • Eva pads: 8mm density + bumpers
  • Footstraps: 4 screws per footstrap

CONSTRUCTION - Craftsmanship Quality:

Bottom: EPS + fiberglass + UD Carbon Patches on the boxes + UD Carbon layer + fiberglass + Hot Coat + Primer Paint

EPS + fiberglass + UD Carbon Patches standing areas, PVC + UD Carbon layer + Biaxial Carbon standing area + fiberglass + Hot Coat + Primer Paint + antiskid




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