Hatropina Custom Board "PRO-ZAC 93" Freestyle
Hatropina Custom Board "PRO-ZAC 93" Freestyle

Hatropina Custom Board "PRO-ZAC 93" Freestyle

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PRO-ZAC CONCEPT : Project completely new! New version of our Hi-Performance-Freestyle. Super compact freestyle board (205cm), a blend of advanced design, power, performance, robustness and lightness (5,100kg) 100% Handmade in Italy

Completely redesigned board, new shape, new scoop-rocker line, new edges and new volume distribution.

The design focused on all the elements a hardcore freestyle board needs. Speed, entry into planing, instant pop, rotations, acceleration, reactivity, sliding and of course super resistance, all in just over two metres.

Performance, control and ease of use even in dirty and unstable conditions, such as choppy, ON_OFF and foams.

SHAPE : designed completely in 3D and executed with millimeter precision thanks to the use of CNC-Machine last generation . Moderate full-length vee and super-fast flat rocker ensure instant top speed, planing and lightning-fast acceleration in short spaces.

DIMENSIONS : reduced in length to 205cm, the Pro-Zac is among the most compact freestyle bikes on the market. Narrow maximum width, parallel edges.

The super-compact size helps in powerful moves, and conveys more control during Air-Time as the board seems smaller. Furthermore, the smaller size generates less impact on the feet when landing tricks or sliding and this helps the rider rotate tricks more easily, quickly and under control.

Thanks to its compactness, the rider remains close to the rig in a very comfortable position both for big moves and for regular or switch-stance gaits.

VOLUME: Despite its length of only 205cm, the Pro-Zac remains super balanced and very stable, thanks to the volume distributed in a very balanced way. Maximum thickness concentrated in the stance area and extra volume in the rear strap area, for maximum planing, pop, slide and better control. Reduced volume in the nose to reduce swing and aid in rotations.

STERN: square, and further tapered to 10cm. We have thus obtained more top speed and less wetted surface, which combined with the sharp edges create great lift and power, acceleration and extra pop.

BOW: Low nose for maximum slide, rounded and compact bow to reduce weight, avoid swinging and give fluidity to sliding moves

RAILS: much attention has been paid to the edges (progressive rails) which are now more fluid. Soft in the front area for maximum slide, slightly sharp in the center to maintain planing and super sharp and boxy in the stern for release and maximum speed. The sharp edges from the stern make the board powerful, increasing acceleration, maximum speed and grip to ride up the wind. They also help with control when cutting through chop.

CONSTRUCTION: thanks to our MADE in ITALY construction and the use of the best materials on the market we have obtained a record weight for a freestyle of 93lt, naturally without affecting the resistance,

Thanks to its extraordinary lightness (5,100kg) and reactivity, the Pro-Zac it allows you to jump higher and faster, this urges riders to push themselves towards new moves and more radical navigation.

The new design makes this board limitless, easily accessible to any freestyler, from first move to high-double-moves! Always in control and super stable and with a very wide range.


  • Shape: Compact, responsive, fast, functional, wide range
  • Maneuverability, compactness and dimensions of a smaller capacity board
  • Quality: Use of high-quality, durable and ultra-light materials. Made in Italy
  • Tailor made: individual approach, shape modifications based on the rider's needs
  • Weight: 25% less than standard boards
  • Technology: Great strength, rigidity, durability
  • 3D Design, CNC ShSaping


  • Shape: Moderate Vee bottom
  • Borders: Progressive-rails -> Tail -> Center -> Nose
  • Configuration: Single
  • Stern: Freestyle square tail

Freestyle Custom PRO-ZAC 93:

  • Length: 205
  • Width: 61
  • Thickness: 11.9
  • Weight: 5,100
  • OFO: 41
  • Sails range: 3.6 - 5.2
  • Recommended Fins: K4 : ZBD FREESTYLE 18/20 MFC : FREESTYLE 18/20
  • Fin Box: Slot Box
  • Mast Box: 8" Chinook
  • Pads: 8mm Double density Eva
  • Footstraps: 4 screws per footstrap

CONSTRUCTION - Craftsmanship Quality HandMade in Italy:


  • EPS 15kg/m3
  • Glass 80Grams
  • 3mm PVC 75Kg/m3
  • Biaxial Carbon 103 gr/ Patches
  • Reinforcement 103 gr Biaxal Carbon
  • Glass VT110 gr
  • Hotcoat
  • Transparent Primer
  • Clear Coat transparent


  • EPS 15kg/m3
  • Glass 80 Grams
  • 3mm PVC 75Kg/m3
  • Biaxal Carbon 103gr
  • Reinforcement 103 gr Biaxal Carbon
  • Glass VT 110 gr
  • Hotcoat
  • Transparent Primer
  • Clear Coat transparent



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