Hatropina Custom Board "ERETICA -S- FREEWAVE 114" Thruster
Hatropina Custom Board "ERETICA -S- FREEWAVE 114" Thruster

Hatropina Custom Board "ERETICA -S- FREEWAVE 114" Thruster

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ERETICA S CONCEPT: New 2024 version of our all-rounder board, super appreciated by customers. The true ALL-IN-ONE suitable for all conditions, available in capacities from 85 to 115, HANDEMADE IN ITALY .

SHAPE: New Shape 2024, modern, compact, with parallel edges for lightning-fast gliding, excellent from flatwater, to bump&jump, to small and medium waves. Super fun and easy board, suitable for those who simply want to do everything. This new version S which stands for Stubby , is a new design and concept of freewave-compact. In fact, the sizes will range from the 85lt which is only 208cm long up to the 115lt which is 226cm long. In addition to having "compacted" the shape, we have made other changes, first we have tapered and streamlined the nose, this especially in the larger sizes avoids swing in the chop, and becomes more versatile and responsive in the waves. The more compact dimensions allow for more maneuverability and greater control and aerial capabilities. Further modification has been made to the hull, now the biconcave is slightly deeper which allows more control in the chop and superior planing entry. Its versatility offers the advantage of being ultra fun in difficult light wind, foam, on-shore conditions

ERETICA S is super comfortable, with a balanced volume distribution concentrated in the central area which favors its entry into planing, agile, fast and reactive. Parallel edges in the midsection provide early planing, increase speed and stability, and reduce drag. The sharp stern rails bite well into small and medium waves, and give you the confidence to push to the limit. Thanks to the super rigid construction, the weight is incredibly low

Shape designed completely in 3D and executed with millimetric precision thanks to the use of latest generation CNC machines.

ERETICA S will increase your level of fun in a very wide range of conditions, with all the traditional virtues of Free-Wave boards, but with unrivaled compactness, maneuverability and lightness.

V Shape combined with a double concave lets the board be very smooth and comfortable on chop and in small to medium sized waves. A flatter deck offers a pleasant and comfortable position in floating and sailing conditions, also providing perfect board control and excellent responsiveness.

The relatively narrow diamond-tail stern offers agility and increases control at speed and on crosswaters.

CONSTRUCTION: Thanks to our MADE in ITALY construction and the use of the best materials on the market we have obtained an exceptional weight for a 114lt (6.3kg), naturally without affecting the resistance,


  • Shape: Compact, modern, super versatile, high-performance, easy and wide range
  • Rocker: Fast rocker for explosive glide and super speed
  • Construction/Quality: Using premium, durable and ultra-light materials, great strength, light weight, rigidity, durability
  • Hand Made in Italy
  • Tailor made: individual approach, shape modifications based on the rider's needs
  • Weight: 25% less than standard boards
  • Technology: Great strength, rigidity, durability
  • 3D Design, CNC Shaping


  • Shape: V in double concave
  • Rocker: #01 Fast
  • Configuration: Single/Thruster
  • Stern: Diamond
  • Power Box + MiniTuttle
  • Flat deck
  • Parallel edges

Freewave Custom ERETICA S 114:

  • Length: 228
  • Width: 66
  • Weight 6.3
  • OFO: 44
  • Sails range: 4.9-6.8
  • Recommended K4 Fins : 3SW Freewave 27cm - MFC : TF/FW FREEWAVE 26cm
  • Short Chinook Mast box
  • 8mm Eva pads

CONSTRUCTION - Craftsmanship Quality:

  • Technology FH-Black: Biaxial Carbon
  • Bottom:
  • 3MM PVC 75Kg/m3
  • VT 80 Fiberglass
  • Biaxial 103 Carbon,
  • UD 125 grams carbon
  • VT 110 Fiberglass
  • Powerbox Biaxial 103 Carbon chassis reinforcement
  • Powerbox reinforcement with 90kg PVC
  • 3MM PVC 75Kg/m3
  • VT 80 Fiberglass
  • Biaxial 103 Carbon
  • VT 110 Fiberglass
  • Biaxial 103 Carbon lug reinforcement
  • Biaxial 103 Carbon Reinforcements Mast Shelf / Bow / Stance Area
Transparent hot coat final treatment (polyurethane lacquer), resistant to UV rays

Transparent Primer
Transparent Clear Coat



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