Hatropina Custom Board "DOGMA WAVE 76" Quad
Hatropina Custom Board "DOGMA WAVE 76" Quad

Hatropina Custom Board "DOGMA WAVE 76" Quad

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CONCEPT OF DOGMA: This is our "DOGMA"! Direct derivation of the "Supreme Wave", the DOGMA is a slightly more radical reinterpretation. Compared to the Supreme it is narrower at the tail (OFO), moreover it has a slightly more pronounced rocker. These changes make the board even more maneuverable in wave riding, faster in rail-to-rail and in tight curves, suitable for quickly and vertically climbing the wave and hitting the lip.

Super reactive wave-riding board, precise and fast, Thanks to the sharp edges it gives the possibility to push a lot during carving. Then fast turns and powerful bottom turns! At the same time a balanced shape that does not penalize in all-round conditions. Easily exploitable from the ON to the Side-shore. Thanks to the super stiffness and light weight (H-Black technology see below) it is also a very high jumping board. Shape designed completely in 3D and executed with millimeter precision thanks to the use of the CNC-Machine. The result is a super balanced and very performing board.

Quad configuration offers drive and grip, in the central area the more parallel edges reduce drag and increase stability and control. The sharp edges in the tail area give traction and speed creating lift-and-release, this allows the fins to work freely and allows for effortless changes of direction and turns. The bow edges are softer and fuller thus facilitating planing and comfort, optimizing progressive maneuvers.

The mono concave shape condenses the water, which is then evenly distributed over a V and pronounced double concave in the central section which helps the board turn and gives grip, ending with a V in the tail, which increases speed and agility of the table. Rocker Medium/Curve


  • Shape: Excellent compromise between radicality and ease of use, compact, reactive, fast, wide range
  • Quality: Use of high-quality, durable and ultra-light materials
  • Tailor made: individual approach, shape modifications based on the rider's needs
  • Weight: 25% less than standard boards
  • Technology: Great resistance, rigidity, durability
  • 3D Design, CNC Shaping


  • Bottom: mono concave in V in double concave and Vee at the rear
  • Edges: More volume in the front area and less volume in the back area
  • Rocker: #03C (Medium-Curve) Mix between maneuverability, speed and planing
  • Configuration: Quad
  • Front side fins with asymmetric angle (Toe in)
  • Poppa: Swallow

Quad Custom DOGMA 76:

  • Length: 219
  • Width: 55. 5
  • Weight 5. 60
  • OFO: 33
  • Sails range: 3. 0-5. 0
  • Recommended K4 Fins: 2x8 SharkII + 2x14 Schorcher/Leon/Incenerator -  MFC: QS RTM 300/250
  • Carbon Biax + Dyneema slot box
  • Short Chinook Mast box
  • 10mm Double density Eva pads 
  • Footstraps: 4 screws per footstrap

CONSTRUCTION - Craftsmanship Quality:

  • Technology H-Black: Biaxal Carbon + Full Carbon + Dyneema + E-Glass
  • Combination of double carbon sandwich in the areas of greatest load, layer of Light Full Carbon Biax for hull and deck, offers a perfect relationship between weight and stiffness. Dyneema reinforcements on the bow and stern and E-Glass band on the edges.
  • Bottom/Hull internally tuned: UD Carbon + E-Glass
  • Bottom/Hull outer layer: Full Biaxal Carbon + Dyneema reinforcements fore and aft
  • Deck/inner layer: Double/Tripple Biaxal Carbon + E-Glass
  • Deck/outer layer: Full Biaxal Carbon + Dyneema reinforcements on the bow and stern



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