Fin K4 CARVE FRONT-Control wave- (Dynamic Flex)
Fin K4 CARVE FRONT-Control wave- (Dynamic Flex)

Fin K4 CARVE FRONT-Control wave- (Dynamic Flex)

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Product Details

Carve, front fin for drive and control. Great for big carvings and high sprays. Flexible tip for maximum grip, high rake for control and wide base for drive

Flex : medium 

The K4 fins are a unique product in the world of windsurfing, they are made using composite polymers with a high degree of engineering with a maximum load of high modulus fibers. The performance of these fins is exceptional in terms of flex, reflex, lightness and resistance to damage. Compared with the classic G10 fins, these fins are lighter and have a superior reflex.

Dynamic Flex

Classic K4 material with black logo, produces flex and works when pushed hard allowing fast and powerful turns. Its ability to flex and return to its original shape from insane grip to attacking extreme angles for epic turns and big full-speed cuts. The Flex makes snap & pivot maneuvers and slide maneuvers like takas easier.


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