Sail S2Maui Wicked 2020
Sail S2Maui Wicked 2020

Sail S2Maui Wicked 2020

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The WICKED 2020 is the Freerace and Foil 2-camber wing of S2Maui . Sail that impresses with its high performance that comes directly from the sail Rac and VENOM , but in a more accessible version. For 2020 it offers greater use of SpaceLight "performance film" at the bottom of the wing, increasing lightness and decreasing stretch. The use of the new " Bright Molten Red" and "Intense Metallic Blue" Technora Spacelight at the top of the clew for instant reactivity and response.

Thanks to the construction in SpaceLight the WICKED is one of the Freerace sails and Lighter foils in production. The use of 7 carbon battens such as the VENOM , create an incredibly fluid, light, stable and efficient Freerace sail with an incredible top speed. The drive and soft overall tension ensure effortless camber rotation and excellent control.

Thanks to all these features, the WICKED is an extremely versatile and balanced wing with exceptional performance but at the same time easy. Ensures super easy and balanced edges.

The addition of sizes 4,6 and 5,2 from 2019 make it ultra fun for both light riders and foil enthusiasts

Artur Szpunar:

The WICKED features a highly refined twist pattern that gives it excellent efficiency and balance for both Freerace and Foil performance. The moderate width of the shaft pocket with 2 cambers maintains the profile, allowing effortless rotation, lightness and reducing drag.




Immediate feeling

The Sails S2 Maui are 20% lighter And 30% stronger compared to other sails on the market, benefit And difference for your windsurf

Extreme lightness

For more radical maneuvers and reduce fatigue

Wide range of use

For sessions in unstable conditions without changing equipment

Greater resistance

Thanks to the use of innovative and precious materials

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