Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019
Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019

Sail S2 Maui Dragon 2019

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ThereDragon is the top of the range progressive wave sail with very high performance. We at Hatropina call it " The Surfing Machine ". Imagine a wing that surfs by itself and that helps you in every movement while surfing. Built entirely in PremiumTechnora Spacelight for a sensation of ultra lightness and unmatched fluidity. Combining incredible maneuverability, lightness, and handling combined with excellent power and wind range. There Dragon draws super radical trajectories, whether you are in Ho'okipa, in a storm in the North Sea, or in our on-shore conditions, thanks to its perfect balance and lower aspect ratio, it transmits agility, power and lightness. ThereDragon it will help you to perform the most demanding wave moves both in Down-the-line and On shore conditions. Combining the power of traditional sails of 0.2sqm larger with reduced rotational inertia thanks to the low aspect ratio and super lightness.

ADVANTAGES: theDragon has the great advantage of super maneuverability, light weight, strength and smooth power. All of course with the highest quality materials. Experiment and you will see!


«ThereDragon is the perfect allround wave sail. No matter what the conditions are, you know your rig will perform amazingly. It is the sail I will use everywhere on tour, from the powerful on-shore of Pozo, to the light side-off-shore of Peru.»

Artur Szpunar:

There Dragonn 2019 hasa newcurveof theLuff it's aimproved profile twists, for a perfect release duringthetop turns, getting costhe also un response morebalanced and fluid in conditionsgusts. We have added someload stripes in extra wide unidirectional Kevlar at the base, which you combine with those of theClew they worktogether for the layout of theoriented panel in WARP-PATH™ keeping an excellent profile, balanceand stability.Thereconstruction inFullTechnoraSpacelight results in aresistanceto extreme ea pesor of the sail of the15-20% lighter than the competition!


S2Maui team: Home at Ho'okipa, Winter 17/18 fromS2Maui onVimeo.



Immediate feeling

The Sails S2 Maui are 20% lighter And 30% stronger compared to other sails on the market, benefit And difference for your windsurf

Extreme lightness

For more radical maneuvers and reduce fatigue

Wide range of use

For sessions in unstable conditions without changing equipment

Greater resistance

Thanks to the use of innovative and precious materials

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