Fin K4 SHARKII FRONT (Super Stiff)
Fin K4 SHARKII FRONT (Super Stiff)
Fin K4 SHARKII FRONT (Super Stiff)
Fin K4 SHARKII FRONT (Super Stiff)

Fin K4 SHARKII FRONT (Super Stiff)

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The new SharkII  front, born from the request of K4 athletes who were looking for a fast and more grippy fin for both their Quads and Thrusters. So a fin with a low tip area was designed using the "stiff" material, slimmed down to give more flex and grip in the rear, widening the base to add hold and drive. The result was an exceptional fin with a feeling of speed and precision, and with the right balance between grip and release that brought Alex Mussolini to the podium in Tenerife'18. Also available the new ' Star Box ' present on some Starboard and Severne models.

Flex: Super Stiff

The K4 fins are a unique product in the world of windsurfing, they are made using highly engineered composite polymers with a maximum load of high modulus fibres. The performance of these fins is exceptional in terms of flex, reflex, light weight and resistance to damage. Compared with the classic G10 fins, these fins are lighter and have a superior reflex.

Super Stiff: was developed as an alternative to the original Flex material, which compared to the stiffness of a G10 from a faster reflex and better memory for speed, handling and acceleration making this material perfect for the Wave All-Round.

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Franco Malvolti

Pinna K4 SHARKII FRONT (Super Stiff)


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